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Advancing science and medicine through quality software.

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What we do

We are a London-based health-tech company established in 2018, developing quality software for healthcare and scientists to drive and innovate medical research globally. We have a scientific and medical background and specialise in genetics, methylation and image analysis.

Scientifically Sound Software &
Web Applications.

Experts in Cloud &
On Premises Analysis Pipeline.

Experts in processing
Big Data efficiently.

Fully Encrypted (AES256)
patient-identifiable data.

Stylish & Streamlined
User Interfaces.

On-going Support Available.

Our Products


Leading VNA imaging platform for storing and analysing medical images

An imaging platform allowing medical professionals to easily upload, share their imaging data and present their cases interactively in a conference setting for educational purposes or as part of a clinical trial. We support all major optical coherence tomography vendor supported. Currently deployed in other 10 sites in UK and Japan.


Leading AI-powered CTMS for running decentralised trials

A versatile CTMS that incorporate a fully configurable eCRF for running clinical trials in any setting. Provides an interface for participants to fill in surveys. Incoprorates the DataGuardian(TM) functionalilty offering advanced analytics to identify potential issues with trial data early on in the process. Currently deployed in other 100 sites in the NHS.

Meet the Team

Phenopolis is run by an experienced team of forward-thinking software developers, data scientists, bioinformaticians, doctors and entrepreneurs.

Dr Ismail Moghul


Ismail is a serial entrepreneur with a lot of experience in the health tech sector. He specialises in cloud computing and building web services for scientific and medical projects. He started programming when he was 12. He holds a PhD from UCL in deep-learning applied to methylation analysis.

Dr Nikolas Pontikos


Nikolas has over 12 years experience in science and software development. He holds a PhD from Cambridge in machine learning applied to flow cytometry and genetics analysis. He is also a Group Leader at UCL and has published over 100 scientific papers.

Dr Simon Rodney


Simon is an oncology specialist registrar who is passionate about transforming healthcare through clinical trials, drug development and the use of technology. Simon holds a PhD from UCL on cancer research, clinical trials and data science. Simon was also a Topol Digital Fellow.

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